Ph D. in Cultural studies

Born and raised in France, Ilham’s interests lie at the intersection of interaction design and discourse analytics. Ilham graduated from Pantheon-Sorbonne University with both a MA in French Philosophy in 2005 and a MA of Fine Arts in 2007.  

While still undergrad she began working as a communication officer to help develop her skills and gain experience. She entered a programme dedicated to the validation of prior professional experience at CELSA, the French communication and journalism School of Paris and graduated in 2010 a M.A. in International Communications and Marketing. She received a Ministry of National Education and Research grant to study the museumization of migration through the audience reception and in 2013, she graduated her Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD) in Ethnomethodology & Cultural Studies from Pantheon-Sorbonne University .

Over the past seven years, she worked with museums on understanding how audiences engage in representing migration in museums and exhibits by donating objects to the museum in Australia and France. Then, in 2012, she developed digital communication and marketing tools to accompany realization before its conception and after its completion of each project of an architecture agency. Following that, she worked in the carpet industry managing new collections exhibits and tradeshows in the US and Europe and in 2015 she's been working on the use of digital strategy to improve marketing and communications in the biopharmaceutical company.

Successful in many challenges, her double careers of professional communicator and academic researcher allow her to develop her expertise and adaptability in different spheres of activity.