Critical Companies – München 25 mai 2018

22-05-2018 par Yann TOMA

Akademie der Bildenden Künste München

Prof. Res Ingold
Kunst und Vermittlung – Interdisziplinäre Projekte
Akademiestrasse 2-4
80799 München


critical companies                                                                                                autonomous practices

25. mai 2018                            10:00 bis 17:00                          aula (historical academy building)


[ART&FLUX] art as an enterprise, as a specific practice based on attitudes, agreements and productivities – instead of a result of mere inspiration or through authorship based on exquisitness. art not to be considered as an aesthetic production of goods or processes for a speculative financial market, but as a practice-oriented instrument for social concerns and associative connections.

corporate objectives derived from open-ended investigations and converted into specific applied practices. activities resting upon entrepreneurial risk appetite and synergetic effects in collaborative processes and heterogeneous markets.

art based collective and dialogical methods are meant to capture and formulate practical knowledge. this knowledge is implicitly, diffusely and rebelliously part of critical change situations in order to question representation, management and organizational practices.

let us become more definite!


Yann Toma is scientific director of ANR ABRIR at the University of Paris, Panthéon-Sorbonne-Art&Flux/ACTE research team. He is an artist-theorist, professor of fine arts at the Sorbonne School of Arts. He is chair-man of Sorbonne Developpement Durable, a cross-divisional initiative for sustainability. He created and leads the Master’s degree in Arts and
Vision (MAVI) at the University of Paris 1-Panthéon- Sorbonne. His work deals with the topics of energy and networks as well as Ethics, the common good and sustainable development. Asthe developer of the « Entreprise-Artiste » he is also President of Ouest-Lumière and founding member of the BIEA (Bureau International des Entreprises-Artistes).

Lecture Topic: Entreprises artistes & Mutations critiques

Rose Marie Barrientos, Art historian from the University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne, independent researcher, and founding member of the Art&Flux researchline, which aimsto provide a critical and scientific presentation of actions and to provide reflections on the connections between art and business. She is a lecturer and consultant for artists
working in this field, and is currently preparing her doctoral thesis at Universidad de Barcelona.

Lecture Topic: Critical Companies – Art and Economy

Stephen Wright is co-director of the postgraduate art research program, « Document & Contemporary Art » at the European School of Image (, and visiting professor in the program « Estetics and Politics » at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), LA.
His own research focuses in particular on artistic usership-driven and usership-oriented practices on the 1:1 scale that deliberately withdrawn from the event horizon.
Lecture Topic: Art on the 1:1 Scale Ciprian Homorodean,Artist from Timisoara currently living in Barcelona, knows both the Romanian and international artscene. He deals with art
as a survivalstrategy in capitalistsociety. His personal experiences as an artist in a globalized world result in ironic and bitterly wicked artistic statements. Among hislatest performative strategy isthe embodiment of a rental artist, available for any job in the market.

Lecture Topic: Contemporary Prisoners- Working and Selling yourself without Compromising yourArt

Ralf Homann & Manuela Unverdorben, Artists, Munich In their collaborative,  research-based work they develop a wide range of spatial proceedings, like actions, performances or installations, that are examining a region between history and politics, symbolic representation and possibilities of intervention. They are interested to activate the public space by means of performative practices, constantly negotiating the boundaries of art and politics to engender new perspectives on reality and its representations.

Lecture Topic: Activism &Art between Hyperrealism &Appropriation

Franziska Wirtensohn & Michael Wittmann, currently graduating at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. They consider their art practice as a collective process deeply involved in society and as a reflection on social and technological phenomena, mostly leading to applied room structures and construction kits. They are collaboratively working in different interdisciplinary contexts, for example with a NGO-run, opeworkshop to support refugees at the European border in Greece.

Lecture Topic: Collective Structures – a collaborative inititative in the context of art and society

Moderation – Res Ingold, Art professorforinterdisciplinary projectsin the Art and Education study programme at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich and entrepreneur for airtransport and mind mobility strategies, founder and owner of ingold airlines, corporation for international air traffic, Cologne (1982-2002 chairman of the executive board) and the holding company ingold universal enterprises (since 2002 chairmen of the supervisory board).


Poster critical companies

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