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YOUTH ENERGY WATER is a monumental work of participatory art deployed on the site of the Menara to sublimate the preciousness of water.


Set to take place in Marrakesh during the COP 22, YEW is an art piece that mobilizes the forces of youth to accompany singing and with music and lights the precious nature of water and its regeneration.


French artist Yann Toma, in association with the Anne-Laure Gimenez architect, propose YEW, a monumental art piece that will transform the water of the Pavillon of the Menara into an immense symbol to reveal the preciousness of water, during 2 evenings, on 11th and 12th of November 2016.

YEW is coproduced by the School ‘École des Métiers de l’Environnement ‘(EME) and supported by the Association of Teachers of Sciences de la Vie et de la Terre (AESVT) of Morocco.

YEW received the label COP 22.

It is supported by the UN through the communication committee (UNDP).

The artistic energy generated by the singing of hundreds of people, local as well as visitors will transform the water of the Menara as sound and light physically modify positively water. This action becomes a powerful artistic statement that we can all act to deal with the environmental crisis.

During the COP22 young people, residents of Marrakesh and all participants involved in COP22 will be invited to sing for the water of the Menara and thus to contribute to a work in common.

Participating in the work of art, floating lighting devices set in movement will gravitate around the water reserve.

This participatory monumental Artwork aims to bring together people singing in common action, bringing positive and artistic energy to the water on which it focuses and symbolically to all the water in the world.

YEW during 2 evenings

A city symbol for environmental commitment.
For sharing concerns about the water.
YEW aims to transform the Menara into a living symbol.
YEW is raising an Environment Sign to people anywhere in the world to show that our energy is united for green environmental action now.

“ I wish to show how much the strengths of the voices and the spirit can be used for a citizen involvement for the environment. Unlighting the Menara and singing to reveal the water of the reserve is a symbol which possesses a great attraction power locally and globally. I wish to make it shine more by illuminating it thanks to the singing and physical presence of youth developed during the Cop 22. The Menara will be transformed into a monumental energy field which becomes the sign of our commitment for the environment.”

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